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Episode 92: Wedding Trends of 2019 (with Amanda Walker - Part 1)

January 8, 2019

Wedding planner, Amanda Walker, joins the gals to talk about all of the new wedding trends of 2019! She teaches us all about on what's in, what's out, and how virtual reality is changing wedding planning! And somehow we also end up taking about the song Baby Shark?!!

We chatted so much about trends that we pushed the confessionals until the next episode.

If you like wedding trends or songs that get stuck in your head all day, this episode is for you!




Amanda Walker first appeared on our podcast in Episode 64: Diary Of A Wedding Planner.

If you haven't heard of Baby Shark before and you are willing to have this song stuck in your head all day, click here to listen.




You can learn more about Amanda's wedding and event planning at the Salt & Sparrow website.

Follow Salt & Sparrow on Instagram: @salt_and_sparrow




Grapefruit Ginger Fizz: A low carb/Keto-friendly cocktail from (Suggested by Pam)

Derry Girls: Netflix comedy about teens growing up in Londonderry during the Northern Ireland Conflict. (Suggested by Brooke)










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