Wedding Confessionals

Episode 9: Hot Plates & A Crock Pot (with Brianna Webster)

May 9, 2017
Brianna Webster, owner of the catering company Geschenk Fare, joins the gals to gab about being a bridesmaid for a woman she barely knew, hiring bartenders who bring their own boomboxes, and what it was like to cater Pam's wedding!
For all you non-Los Angelenos, here's a link Yamashiro, the super fancy restaurant where Brianna stood in a water fountain...and then got conned out of $900! 
Want some yummy eats and fab service?  Check out Brianna's catering company, Geschenk Fare, on Facebook and Instagram!
Bridal Break info:
Shutterfly - App for iPhone & Android phones (Brooke)
Shameless - TV show on Showtimes & Netflix (Brianna) 
Anew Rose - Wine (Pam)
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