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Episode 86: DIY Wedding Update! (with Julia Holmberg - Part 1)

November 27, 2018

Remember that bride Julia Holmberg who was making her own wedding dress, and her bridesmaids dresses, and a ton of other DIY creations?! Well, she got married this summer and is now back to tell Brooke and Pam all about it!

She opens up about making bouquets at 2am the night before the wedding, ugly crying down the aisle, and the wedding day traffic jam that was unexpectedly a good thing. In fact, Julia had so many fun stories to share that we broke up this recording into two episode! Stay tuned next week to hear Part 2 of our night with Julia!

If you like DIY projects or follow up stories, this episode is for you!



Check out Julia’s dress making journey on Instagram: @juliamakesadress 




Julia first told us all about her DIY wedding projects in Episode 48: Handcrafted, Homemade & Heartfelt

Julia got married at the Hines Hills Campus in Cuyahoga National Park

Sinsational Desserts made Julia's wedding cake

Fisher's Cafe & Pub is the restaurant Julia recommended - in Peninsula, Ohio




His Royal Dogness, Guy The Beagle: Cute picture book about Meghan Markle's dog. (Suggested by Brooke)

La Poire Bliss: Pear vodka cocktail! (Suggested by Pam)










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