Wedding Confessionals

Episode 81: Belgian Beers & Bridal Bugs (with Julie Fishman)

October 23, 2018

Julie Fishman, co-host of the First Timers Podcast, joins Pam and Brooke to tell us all about her wedding - including ruining her own proposal (twice!) and injuring herself 3 days before walking down the aisle!

We also answer some listeners confessionals about a reception brawl, a Maid of Honor dropping the ball, and a father who REALLY overshared during his wedding speech.

If you like brides in band-aids or dads who don't understand what TMI means, this episode is for you!




Check out Julie's humorous parenting podcast, First Timers.

Julie's brewery is Brouwerij West. Find their Belgian-inspired beers in stores, or visit their brewery/tasting room in San Pedro, CA!




Julie's podcasting partner, Angie Greenup, was a guest on our show too! Here's a link! Episode 73: Heat Waves & Doggy Buffers (with Angie Greenup)




Brouwerij West Beers: Belgian-inspired beers from Julie's brewery! We tried the Saison Extra, Dog Ate My Homework, and Alligator IPA. (Suggested by Pam)

Dosist: A marijuana vape that tells you the precise dosage of weed you're smoking.  It's the pot of the future! (Suggested by Julie)

Ponies Doing Musicals: A YouTube video of live-action My Little Ponies lip syncing to Broadway musicals. It's bizarre...and amazing? (Suggested by Brooke)










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