Wedding Confessionals

Episode 80: No Ring, No Bring (with Korie Steward)

October 16, 2018

Pam and Brooke are joined by Korie Steward, one of the brides on TLC's I Want THAT Wedding! She shares great stories about planning her wedding, including when she bought a plane ticket for her bridal gown!

The gals also answer some listeners submitted confessionals. Topics include movie quotes in wedding vows, a parent who wants her kids to take over a bridal suite, and a DJ who's mix felt like a melancholy hoedown.

If you like crazy kids or sad line dancing, this episode is for you!



Click here to watch Korie on TLC's I Want THAT Wedding. She's in Episode 2: Champagne Dreams or a Budget Buffet.

You can listen and follow Korie's huband, Mac Fame, on Spotify, TwitterInstagram.



Korie and Chris got married at The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, TX.

Korie used and LOVED David's Bridal Wedding Dress Preservation Kit




Caramel Apple Moonshine: Perfect apple cider cocktail, from Taylor Bradford. (Suggested by Pam)

Naked Wine: Wine club that delivers to your home! (Suggested by Korie)

Mezcalita: Mezcal cocktail that's sweet and spicy, from Cookie & Kate! (Suggested by Brooke)










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