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Episode 77: Sweaty Brides & Second Wedding Dresses (with Beth Morrell - Part 2)

September 25, 2018

Our hilarious night with Beth Morrell continues! The gals answer some listeners submitted confessionals from brides in need of serious help with crazy situations! Topics include a mother-of-the-groom threatening to throw an ill timed shower, a bride who's family fell in love with a wedding gown that she hates, and a bride afraid she will sweat through her dress.

If you like hideous dresses or pushy future mother-in-laws, this episode is for you!



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Beth was also a guest on Episode 57: Always A Bridesmaid, Dying To Be A Guest & Episode 76: I'm Wearing Crocs At My Wedding!

Certain Dri is the anti-perspirant Brooke used when she was a sweaty teen.

The episode of Friends where Ross creates a paste in his leather pants is "The One With All The Resolutions."




Caramel Apple Moscow Mule: A sweet twist on Brooke's favorite fall drink - from Gastronomblog. (Suggested by Pam)

Rock-afire Explosion: R&B + 80s animatronics = weird and wonderful videos. (Suggested by Brooke)

Can't Cope, Won't Cope: Irish hit tv show about two best friends drinking and partying their way through their 20s. Available on Netflix in the US. (Suggested by Brooke) 

Great British Baking Show: The UK's favorite competition show that's too sweet to really be a competition. Available on Netflix in the US. (Suggested by Beth)










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