Wedding Confessionals

Episode 73: Heat Waves & Doggy Buffers (with Angie Greenup)

August 28, 2018

Fellow podcaster, Angie Greenup, joins Pam and Brooke to talk about her proposal in wine country and her SoCal wedding on a historic ranch...that had an unexpected dilemma. Somehow the gals also talk about adult kickball, Hans Christian Andersen, and what night clubs look like when all the lights are turned on. 

The gals also dive into listeners confessionals about a narcissistic father-of-the-bride, sober bridesmaids, and an argument about napkins that...maybe isn't really about napkins at all.

If you like romantic wedding venues or dead Danish authors, this episode is for you!



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Angie got married at the Santa Margarita Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA

Santa Margarita Ranch was featured on an episode of Bachelor Pad in 2012!

Go party at LIV in Miami with Angie's brother! 




Nilla Wafer Martini: Cookie flavored cocktail from Mix That Drink! (Suggested by Pam)

Comments By Celebs: Hilarious Instagram account that shares what celebrities' comments on social media (Suggested by Angie)

Crazy Rich Asians - Motion Picture Soundtrack: The hit rom-com is filled with awesome music. Great for parties! (Suggested by Brooke)









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