Wedding Confessionals

Episode 65: Wedding Hangovers (with Paul Caiola - Part 1)

July 3, 2018

The gals are joined by Brooke's pal, Paul Caiola, who dishes about his hilarious experiences with weddings! He shares a slew of funny stories, including purposefully getting his dad too drunk at a wedding, chasing after a drunk friend in their underwear after Brooke's reception, and accidentally getting everyone wasted at his own wedding!

There were so many stories to tell, that we had to break up his recording into two episodes.  So stay tuned next week to hear Paul give out some sage and snarky advice while going through listeners' confessionals.

If you like boxer briefs or dangerous blood alcohol levels, this episode is for you!




Paul and Brooke attended Adam Rose's wedding. If you want to hear more about Adam and his wedding planning, check out Episode 3:Used Tuxedos & Napping at Disneyland and Episode 25: Matching Suits & JV Squads!

Paul went to a ton of weddings with Lisa Messina. You can hear more about all of those crazy wedding in Episode 29: Peach Poof Dress From Hell.

Adam got married at the Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center in West Hills, CA.

And to follow up with that vocabulary lesson Paul gave all of us, here's the definition of "prodigious".

If you want to make Paul's husband's favorite dessert, here's the recipe for the Momofuku Milk Bar's Grasshopper Pie.

Paul got married at the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn, NY.

Paul's NYC-based food trucks for his wedding were Calexico, Milk Truck Grilled Cheese and The Good Batch.




Hey Ladies!: A funny book - consisting of just group email and texts - about a year in the life of a group of BFFs planning a wedding! (Suggested by Brooke)

The Gangster Martini: Fruity and boozy cocktail by The Cooking Bride! (Suggested by Pam)

Wheel of Fortune Answers: Silly Twitter account (@wofanswers) that attempts in weird and hilarious ways to guess the answer to Wheel of Fortune puzzles! (Suggested by Brooke)









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