Wedding Confessionals

Episode 64: Diary Of A Wedding Coordinator (with Amanda Walker)

June 26, 2018

Wedding planner, Amanda Walker, joins the gals to talk all about her job of getting brides and grooms down the aisle! Topics include haunted venues, pot gummy bears, and an emergency tampon situation.

They also dive into listeners submitted confessionals about a noisy photographer, a sister-in-law pushing her way into the bridal party, and a bride who can't lock down a wedding date because of her flaky sister.

If you like family drama or candy flavored drugs, this episode is for you!



Here's an episode of the dating show STUDS we found on YouTube!




You can learn more about Amanda's wedding and event planning at the Salt & Sparrow website.

Follow Salt & Sparrow on Instagram: @salt_and_sparrow




Bloody Mary Pops: A frozen spin on the brunch staple - celery stick included! - from Delish. (Suggested by Pam)

Power Paint Shots: Paint guns for when you want to be creative...and aggressive! Available at Michael's. (Suggested by Amanda)

Willow and Sage Magazine: A magazine filled with recipes and tips for making your own homemade bath and body products. (Suggested by Amanda)

Fancy Pasta Bitch: Funny and and helpful food blog dedicated to making homemade pasta, created by television writer Kara Brown. (Suggested by Brooke)









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