Wedding Confessionals

Episode 61: Wedding Day Mug Shots (with Angie Martin)

June 5, 2018

Brooke and Pam chat with their pal Angie Martin about her proposal, upcoming wedding plans and recent stint as an officiant. Somehow these stories include trespassing, Kanye West and last minute Tinder dates! We also dive into listeners' confessionals about after-party planning drama, being a last minute bridesmaid, and breaking the law to have the perfect venue!

If you like weddings or getting away with crimes, this episode is for you!




If you like chocolate or roller coasters, check out Hershey Park!

The Parker is where Angie's friend got married in Palm Springs, CA.




Spring Showers: Watermelon flavored cocktail from (Suggested by Pam)

Why Won't You Date Me: A podcast about love and dating, hosted by the hilarious Nicole Byer (Suggested by Brooke)

Eater 38:'s 38 top places to eat in pretty much every city in the world! (Suggested by Angie)









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