Wedding Confessionals

Episode 60: Wine Reduction Drama (with Cheryl Massingill - Part 2)

May 29, 2018

The gals continue their fun convo with Cheryl Massingill, co-host of the Old Maids Podcast! Pam, Brooke and Cheryl dive into some listeners' confessionals, with topics about copycat brides, crazy family drama and a bachelorette party that included a two week old baby!

If you like infants in pink feather boas, this episode is for you!




If you want to listen to Part 1 of our conversation with Cheryl, check out Episode 58: Wine Soaked Pasta (with Cheryl Massingill).

For those of you who've never seen the movie, here's a trailer for Single White Female!

The episode of The Office (US Edition) about Pam getting annoyed at someone stealing all of her wedding ideas is Season 3/Episode 16: Phyllis' Wedding. It's available on Netflix.

Cheryl's story was originally told on Episode 297 of My Brother, My Brother and Me.




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Sweet Georgia Peach Smash: Whiskey cocktail from Pizzazzerie. (Suggested by Pam)

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: Fun and educational podcast hosted by one of the guys from Netflix's Queer Eye reboot! (Suggested by Brooke)

Rosemary Gimlet: Gin cocktail with an herbal twist! (Suggested by Cheryl)









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