Wedding Confessionals

Episode 57: Always A Bridesmaid, Dying To Be A Guest (with Beth Morrell)

May 8, 2018

Illustrator and co-host of the Old Maids Podcast, Beth Morrell, joins the gals to chat weddings, including the EIGHT times she's been a bridesmaid! They also tackle listeners' confessionals, including tales of bridal boudoir photos that didn't go as planned, a future sister-in-law who's using some weird tactics to try to become a bridesmaid, and unexpectedly ending up as someone's wedding date!

If you like dissecting family drama or immaturely giggling about nudity, this episode is for you!




Coffee Meets Bagel is the low stress dating site Beth tried for a bit.




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Sparkling Pear Martini: Half champagne, half pear flavored vodka, all yummy! (Suggested by Pam)

Negroni: A classic gin cocktail that's strong but with a hint of sweetness. A good summer drink for those of you who like a slow sipping beverages. (Suggested by Brooke)

Nailed It: Netflix's new competitive baking show, hosted by comedian Nicole Byer. Every funny episode they let three home bakers attempt to recreate amazing treats…and they don’t always succeed. (Spoiler: Their desserts are usually a hilarious mess!)









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