Wedding Confessionals

Episode 56: Find The Beauty In Option B (with David Kantrowitz - Part 2)

May 1, 2018

In Part 2 of our night with animator, illustrator and comedy guy, David Kantrowitz, the gals and their guest dive into listeners' confessionals. Topics include: falling in love with impractical wedding venues, hiding tattoos from in-laws and a hungover wedding coordinator. If you like weddings, body ink or funny puke stories, this episode is for you! 




- Brooke mentioned guest Julia from a previous episode.  If you want to listen, specifically it's Episode 48: Handcrafted, Homemade & Heartfelt (with Julia Holmberg).

- And if you want to see all of Julia Holmberg's badass wedding crafting, follow her on Instagram: @juliamakesadress

- We recommend if you're looking for inspiration from other tattooed brides, check out Kat Williams' Instagram: @rocknrollbride

- Rock N Roll Bride is also a magazine! More info here!




You can follow David on Instagram: @davidkantrowitz

He's also on Twitter: @davidkantrowitz

Check out David's podcast, TBToonz!




Coco Chanel: A creamy martini from the Drink Kings (Suggested by Pam)

Hayley Kiyoko: Disney Channel actress who has grown up and created some bangers on her new album , Expectations! (Suggested by Brooke)

Library Card: A great way to not only get books, but also e-books and audio books (with the Overdrive app) and films (with Kanopy) (Suggested by David)

@midnight Masterclass: How to Tie a Bow Tie with Paul F. Tompkins: Funny and informative Youtube tutorial about how to tie a bowtie correctly (Suggested by David)









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