Wedding Confessionals

Episode 50: Diamond Jubilee (with Courtney LaBree - Part 1)

March 20, 2018

Pam and Brooke are joined by Courtney LaBree, a funny gal who had a gorgeous Palm Springs wedding last year. She shares with the gals her hilarious and sweet proposal story, planning a super cool wedding in the desert, and what it's like to have her wedding featured in wedding blogs!

We dive so deep into Courtney's history with weddings that we had to break her recording into two parts! So stay tuned for Episode 51, when Courtney helps us answer some Confessionals! 




Here's the Green Wedding Shoes feature of Courtney and Geoff's wedding. Be prepared to be in awe of how beautiful it is! 

Follow their photographer, Lauren Scotti on Instagram: @laurenscotti

Courtney and Geoff got married - and had their DIVE IN party!!! - at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs

Boldhouse was the event coordinating company for their wedding 




Horchata Rum Cocktail: A sweet and spicy drink! (Suggested by Pam)

@Bodegacats_: Twitter account full of cute kitties hanging out in delis, bodegas and bars (Suggested by Brooke)

@dog_rates: Twitter account for any and all dog lovers (Suggested by Brooke)









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