Wedding Confessionals

Episode 44: Michael J Saves The Day (with Noah Schwartz - Part 1)

February 6, 2018

Pam's brother-in-law, Noah Schwartz, joins the gals to talk about his wedding...and somehow ends up telling a story about murdering lobsters and being fired from a summer job?!

We do actually cover wedding-related topics at some point, including a well-meaning but confusing proposal, traveling for weddings, and Noah choosing a mysterious wedding band that paid off in an unexpected way!

Stay tuned next episode for Part 2, when Noah helps us answer listeners' confessionals!



A combined bachelor / bachelorette party can be called a "Jack & Jill," "Stag & Hen," or "Buck and Doe" party. #themoreyouknow

Sleep No More is still playing in New York if you want to check it out. (It's weird but cool!)

The book Noah was reading about the Brooklyn Bridge is called The Great Bridge by David McCullough.

If you're looking to get married near San Diego, check out the Scripps Institution where Noah and Jessie had their wedding! So pretty!

Brooke tried SO HARD to find Michael J and his band online but couldn't! That band will remain a mystery!




The Love Martini: A Valentine's Day cocktail with strawberries from Picture the Recipe.

Drunk History: Season 5 of this hit TV series is back on Comedy Central!









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