Wedding Confessionals

Episode 40: Rose Gold, Donut Walls & Everything Else Vogue Hates About Your Wedding

January 9, 2018

Pam and Brooke start the new year off right by reading another crazy wedding article from Vogue!

Pam learns she's been saying the word "donut" weird, Brooke finds out what a flower ceiling is, and both gals decide Vogue is mean for trying to eliminate photo booths.



- Check out Pam's husband Jeff's awesome show - Shot In The Dark on Netflix!

- The Vogue article the gals read was 26 Wedding Trends To Avoid In 2018.

- You can wear red to a wedding. Brooke is crazy.

- If you want to listen to us rant about Vogue's 2017's list, check out Episode 23: Wedding Trends That Only Vogue Wants You To Avoid!




- Fresh Grapefruit Greyhound: Light version of a classic cocktail from

- The Little World Of Liz Climo: Liz Climo is an amazing artist, who specializes in cute animals and even cuter jokes. Brooke is currently obsessed with her Day-To-Day Calendar!









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