Wedding Confessionals

Episode 34: For Sale: Bridesmaid Dress, Never Worn (with Camilla Dhanak)

November 14, 2017

Pam and Brooke are joined by television producer Camilla Dhanak to talk about planning weddings abroad! When it comes to having a wedding in a foreign country, Camilla gives the pros (reasonably priced chateaus!) and cons (jet lag that can lead you to freaking out on your fiancé!). Other random topics covered include: getting sick on planes, trying to sell an unused bridesmaid dress, and stealing tea cups.

The gals also help listeners with their wedding related drama, including a mother-of-the-groom's dress debacle and a bride stressed over writing the perfect vows!




Look out for Death Row Chronicles, the show Camilla's currently producing. This 6 part mini series will be on BET in 2018!




Maple Whiskey Cider: The perfect winter cocktail from Fox & Briar (Pam) Luxury consignment online shop (Camilla)

Riverdale: Teen drama based on the Archie comic books. Season 1 on Netflix, Season 2 currently airing on the CW. (Brooke)

Cry Me A Riverdale: A snarky and fun podcast about Riverdale (Brooke)









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