Wedding Confessionals

Episode 32: Courthouse Weddings & Coffee Makers (with Miguel Camnitzer - Part 1)

October 31, 2017

Miguel Camnitzer joins the gals to chat about proposing with a watch, the joys of reception cocktail tastings, and continuing his family's tradition of getting married at a courthouse!

Then Brooke tells the story of Miguel and his husband, (Michael Bourret, guest from Ep 18 & 19), saving the day at her wedding!

And Pam shares her secret to throwing surprise parties - have no one arrive at the same time!

There were so many stories that we broke up this recording into two parts! So stay tuned next week to hear all your Confessionals!



Fogg Museum is the art museum where Miguel once attending a wedding.




Cold Brew Bourbon Cocktail: Boozy coffee drink from The Gastro Nom website

@drunkdisney: Instagram account bound to make anyone who likes Disney movies giggle (Brooke)









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