Wedding Confessionals

Episode 30: We All Want To Be The Cool Bride (with Erica Mandy)

October 17, 2017

Erica Mandy from theNewsWorthy Podcast joins Pam and Brooke to report all the hard hitting news...about her wedding! She tells the gals all about trying to find the perfect dress for 8 bridesmaids, a questionable officiant, and falling in love with a venue only available by boat!

The gals also help listeners with their wedding problems, including a mother's high expectations and a rude co-worker who tries to make wedding planning competitive!




After hearing Erica rave about her beautiful Catalina Island location, do you now want to get married there too?!  Here's a link to check out wedding venues on the island.

Erica's right, Halloween is a big deal at University of Wisconsin!




Erica Mandy's podcast, theNewsWorthy, has all the day's news you need to know in less than 10 minutes!  You can find it on Apple Podcast and anywhere you go to download podcasts!

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Insight Timer: Free meditation app that has lots of options for beginners (Erica Mandy, guest)

Pirette Beach: Perfume that has a fresh, beachy scent (Erica Mandy, guest)

Apple Cider Margarita by Belle Vie: A fall twist on a summer favorite! If you like strawberry margs, you'll dig this sweet tequila cocktail! (Pam)

@GaryJanetti: TV writer Gary Janetti's Twitter account is snarky fun! (Brooke)








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