Wedding Confessionals

Episode 26: The Best Man & The Bad Speech (with Jeffrey R. Daniels)

September 19, 2017

Buckle up, gals and guys - this episode is a wild ride through the world of weddings!  TV director - and more importantly, Pam's husband!! - Jeffrey R. Daniels finally makes an appearance as a guest on the podcast!!!

The gals thought they were going to grill him on how he prepared for his wedding proposal to Pam, but instead got engrossed by Jeff's hilarious story about his best man speech that ended up being a total trainwreck. They also discuss the time Brooke inadvertently crashed a wedding reception and Pam's current situation - accidentally getting invited to a celebrity wedding!

Jeff and the gals also read listeners' confessionals about smelly reception halls, the difficulties in getting stuck with unenthusiastic bridesmaids, and the danger in smushing wedding cake on an unsuspecting new bride.



Jeff's new series, Shot In The Dark, will be available on Netflix in November 2017.




Robin Hood - Stock trading app (Jeff)

Pumpkin Spiced Latte - The Starbucks seasonal drink is back! (Pam)

@seasonalvibes - Twitter account that obsesses about all things fall...until December (Brooke)

G.L.O.W. - Netflix comedy about women wrestlers (Brooke)









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