Wedding Confessionals

Episode 25: Matching Suits & JV Squads (with Adam Michael Rose)

September 12, 2017

Guest from Episode 3, Adam Michael Rose, is back to give Pam & Brooke a wedding planning update! They discuss the stress of finding the right food for the reception - including the ongoing hot topic: food trucks! And Adam admits he's still struggling with cutting people from the invite list.

They also help a groom feel confidnet in his suit choices and dive into a confessional written DURING a wedding day crisis!



Adam is getting his custom wedding day suit from Indochino.

The restaurant / catering company Adam ended up choosing for his wedding is Stonefire Grill.

The funny ladies who host The Great British Baking Show are Sue Perkins & Mel Giedroyc.



If you are in need of a dialect coach - Adam can help!

Follow Adam on Instagram @amraccents

He's also on Twitter @amraccents



Great British Baking Show - British series on Netflix (Adam)

Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere - 80s painting series now on Netflix (Adam) 

Saint Archer Brewing Company - Great beers for football season (Pam)

The Daily - 15 minute news podcast from the New York Times (Brooke)

The Newsworthy with Erica Mandy - 10 minute daily news recap podcast (Brooke)







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