Wedding Confessionals

Episode 20: Top 20 Songs To Ban From Your Wedding Reception

August 9, 2017

What are the songs most likely to be banned from a wedding reception?  The statistical junkies over at Five Thirty Eight surveyed a group of wedding DJs to find out, and the results have Brooke & Pam asking a lot of questions!


Show Notes: Want to see all 50 songs? Check out Five Thirty Eight's article, The Ultimate Playlist Of Banned Wedding Songs.   -- Bridal Breaks: Canella Bellini - Premixed brunch beverage (Pam) Baby-Sitters Club Club - Funny podcast about the Baby-Sitters Club book series from the 80s (Brooke)   -- Wedding Confessionals Links:     Instagram     Twitter     Facebook     --   Have a crazy story you want to tell us?     Emails us:     Call us: 434-933-2663 (That's 434-WED-CONF)     Write us:     We promise to never reveal any names to protect the innocent...and annoyed. Your secret's safe with us!

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