Wedding Confessionals

Episode 19: Dear Michael (with Michael Bourret - Part 2)

July 26, 2017

After learning all about guest Michael Bourret's wedding in "Episode 18: Dance Like You're 12," we dive into listeners' confessionals and questions!  We discuss shady venue owners, dude bro wedding gifts and how to pick party favors that don't suck.



Guest Plugs & Info:

Michael's pretty pictures of fancy cocktails (and no people) can be found on Instragram: @michaelbourret

Michael's hot takes on publishing and politics are all on Twitter: @michaelbourret



Show Notes:

Brooke's party favor included donating to the National Arbor Day Foundation.  If you want to donate too, here's a link!



Bridal Break:

Pabst Blue Ribbon - aka: PBR - Cheap Beer (Pam)

Golden Road Wulf Pup Session IPA - Fancy alternative to drinking PBR (Michael) 

The Golden Girls - 80s sitcom now available on Hulu (Micahel)

Anne With an E - Gritty Canadian series based on the book Anne of Green Gables, now available in the US on Netflix (Brooke)



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