Wedding Confessionals

Episode 17: Plugs, Plugs & More Plugs (with Jessica Maillard)

July 11, 2017
Jessica Maillard - casting director, pal, and wife to Episode 5's Brian Maillard - joins Pam & Brooke to give us even more insight into her wedding.  This includes family drama, a pants mix up and one rouge member of the bridal party.
The gals also talk about marrying the bad boy, opinionated grooms and one stubborn grandma.  They also get into multiple heated debates about Staten Island and Pnina Tornai bridal gowns.
*Prepare yourselves! Jessica plugs A LOT OF SHIT in this episode!
- Check out some of the shows Jessica's worked on in the past:
- Jessica got married at the Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only is it a wedding venue, it's also a jazzy night club with dinner and dancing! Let's all go there and reenact the "Slippery Little Suckers" scene from Pretty Woman!
- Cafe Pinot was where Jessica had her rehearsal dinner.  Let's all go there and reenact the "You made a big mistake! Big! Huge!" scene from Pretty Woman!  (Clearly, Brooke wrote these show notes after having a glass of wine.  LOL!)
- The Biltmore Hotel was where Jessica stayed during her wedding.  Let's all go there and reenact the "Bubble bath while singing along to Prince" scene from Pretty Woman! (Who let Brooke have a second glass?!!)
- Looking for a wedding photographer in the LA area?  Check out The Grovers, a husband and wife team that shot Jessica's wedding! (Brooke ran out of Pretty Woman jokes.  Sorry!)
- Jessica stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.  And as you expected, it's FUCKING GORGEOUS!
- If you're going to Kauai, you should check out tubing down the sugar cane tunnels!  This looks so damn fun!
Chocolate Martini - Dessert in a martini glass! (Pam)
Scrabble - Analog option for fun (Jessica)
Younger - TV Show & Digital option for fun - available on TV Land & Hulu (Jessica)
McMansion Hell - Snarky & educational website about architecture (Brooke)
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