Wedding Confessionals

Episode 16: Anger Treadmill (with Tristan)

July 6, 2017
Brooke's husband, Tristan, joins the gals to talk shit about weddings! He chats about what it was like to be broke but still wanting to get engaged, and he spills the beans about all the drama that went on before and after proposing to Brooke!!  
They also read listeners' confessionals about dumping bridesmaids, raffle prizes at receptions and inappropriate solo sessions with wedding photographers.  They also invent something called an Anger Treadmill and plan a group trip to Glamour Shots...after confirming the company still exists.
Want to hear dudes talk shit about football?! Then listen to Worst To First, a football podcast for winner and losers.  Each episode Tristan and his pal Gene discuss weekly football news and what it's like to be fans of the best (Pats) and worst (Jets) teams in the NFL.  
- Scott's Adult Slushy - frozen boozy drink (Pam)
- First Time Flippers - funny renovation show on DIY Network (Tristan)
- Oh, Hello - Broadway comedy show now on Netflix (Brooke)
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