Wedding Confessionals

Episode 11: Hand-Knit Dresses & Pre-Planned Hangovers (with Linda Daniels)

May 25, 2017
The gals have a very special guest on the pod - Pam's mother-in-law, Linda Daniels!  And don't think because we have an in-law on the show that we're going PG!  Linda is here to gossip and tell fun stories - like her drunken wedding weekend, which included an all night rager and someone ending up in jail!
The ladies also read some confessionals, help the mother of a groom figure out how to be included in the wedding planning, and discuss what they would do if they saw a dog go #2 during a ceremony.
Extra Info:
Planet Wedding is the the book that features Linda's hand knitted wedding gown.
Here's info to Linda's knitting store in western Mass:
29 Pleasant Street
Northampton Ma 01060
Tel: (413) 586-4331
Facebook: NohoWools
Instagram: @nohowool
Bridal Break info:
Call Your Girlfriend - Podcast (Brooke)
Pisco Sour - Peruvian Cocktail (Pam)
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